Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream- A Comprehensive and Honest Review

Many women in the world wants naturally large breasts… and of course, man too. It is an evolutionary instinct that signals fertility, youth and health. Women with larger, healthy breasts looks confident. In recent times, many women with small breasts has resorted to surgical implants and unnatural breast augmentation surgery which harms their body.

Why not try natural breasts enhancement products and creams? These products like Naturaful are one of the more popular and safe means to achieve bigger breasts without harming your body or cutting up your breasts in anyway. They made use of estrogen enhancing natural herbs that stimulates the growth hormones in your breasts.

So check out our wonderful and indepth review of Naturaful which goes into actual user feedback, pros and cons as well as our thoughts. So read through our article before making an informed decision on getting the best product to quickly and safely enhance your breasts!

What is Naturaful?
This product is a topical cream formulated with the purpose of augmenting breast size naturally. It is an herbal-based cream that stimulates growth as well as promotes breast firmness.

What is it Made of?
The active ingredients included in the formulation of Naturaful are:
Dong Quai
Blessed Thistle
Dandelion Root
Oat Bran
Wild Mexican Yam

How Does the Cream Work?
As with most other topical breast enhancers, Naturaful is absorbed through the skin and work its way to the breast tissue. The active ingredients then stimulate tissue growth by producing the necessary hormones, which the body no longer generate naturally.

Product Claims
- Visible Results in Weeks
Manufacturers of Naturaful are highly confident of their product’s merits, which lead them to claim that it can provide results in a matter of six weeks or less.
- Increase of Up to 3 Cup Sizes
This is perhaps on the optimistic side, but Naturaful manufacturers insist that the cream is formulated to allow maximum enlargement (as much as the body can allow).


All Natural Breast Enhancement
This product does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances that may cause harm to a woman’s health and well-being. Its all-natural formulation is one of the many things that attract customers to Naturaful, especially since there are many unsafe products in the market today. The fact that this cream only contains herbal active ingredients makes it a highly coveted beauty product.

Simple Usage and Application
The use of this cream is very simple so it can be done even without supervision. Since it is a topical solution, it needs to be applied evenly on the breast area (including the underside) in order to take full effect. It is best used right after a bath/shower since it is when the pores are open, which is necessary in order for the cream to be properly absorbed.

Firming Effects
In addition to breast enlargement, Naturaful also has firming effects that will greatly benefit women who are starting to exhibit signs of sagging due to age. Continued usage of this cream will not only result to increased breast size but also cause the tissue to become firmer and slightly lifted. This is a highly desirable effect not only for women who are advancing in age but also for those who have recently given birth and are in need of a little lift (sans the surgery).

Balance for Uneven Breasts
Not many women are aware of this fact, but breasts are normally asymmetrical. However, the disparity in size is usually extremely negligible that no one ever notices the difference. However, in the case of severely uneven breasts, the need for correction becomes necessary. One of the benefits of Naturaful is providing symmetry by increasing the size of the breast that is slightly smaller than the other.

Effectively Combats Hormonal Imbalance
Women often battle mood swings and physiological disturbances due to hormonal imbalance, which can affect their daily life adversely. The use of Naturaful does not only result to larger breasts, but it also helps balance hormone levels in order to achieve a healthy status quo in the body.

Less Painful/ Infrequent PMS
Premenstrual Syndrome has always been a terrible experience for women of all ages since it cannot be avoided. However, one of Naturaful’s fringe benefits is resolving PMS so that it occurs less frequently, if at all. Cramping is reduced significantly as well so there is less pain to deal with right before the period.

Improved Self-Confidence
Most beauty products only provide tangible effects, i.e. improved look, better body shape, etc. Naturaful, however, gives women so much more than bigger breasts as it also helps them become more confident and self-assured. This effect is extremely valuable to anyone who has lived her life feeling inadequate or unattractive.

Cost Effective
At $69, this product can be considered a steal. Considering its potential, the cost of Naturaful is more than justified. Compared to most other breast enhancement products, this one is by far one of the most affordable.

Potential Drawbacks

Slight Tingling and/or Soreness
While this side effect occurs very rarely, some women do experience tingling and soreness around their breasts during the first few applications. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern (it is considered growing pains since the cells are multiplying and the tissue is in effect growing in size). The discomfort does not last very long and eventually disappears after a few more applications.

Consumer Feedback and Testimonials
Thousand of women from all over the world have tried this product thus far and majority of them agree that Naturaful is in fact effective and safe. One of the most common comments about this breast enhancer is that it is very easy to use, so it does not interfere with their daily tasks.

In addition, consumers are also impressed with the effects of Naturaful, as some of them have seen results in as little as three weeks. Most women who buy this cream have already tried at least have a dozen other products like pumps, pills, and other enhancing creams, all of which did not provide any tangible result.

Verdict and Recommendation
By all accounts, Naturaful does appear to be a product that can provide significant improvements. Those who are intent on getting larger breasts without undergoing surgery or any other potentially dangerous procedure, Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream makes for a great choice.

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  1. Hw longer shd I use it for effectiv result? If I discontinue usage, any eefect? Wher r u located? How do u deliver

  2. how do i order ?are there any side effects??how many pounds is it in price?

  3. I actually ordered mine gonna stay on it everything seems legit. Gonna be posting updates on my results.

    • We would love to hear from a recent buyer, for further testimonials. after a couple of months. Have there been positive results?

    • Hi..did you use it? Did you like it? I ordered and already got it , but I wanna know if it’s effective after one bottle of it is used..any improvements?

  4. Whether it works / suitable for male also. Just I ordered for 2+1 free jar order.

  5. Is this product available in Australia?

    • Hi rebecca, you can order this from the merchants that we recommend and I think they do ship it to Australia. :)

  6. Is it safe for teens at the age of 16

    • I think as a herb it should be safe for usage or consumption. But i would recommend that you try it after you reach 18, when your biological body and hormones, is and are, stable.

  7. Hi,is this product available in the UK? If no,can it be shipped to the UK without any hassle?

    • Hi kemi

      I think it can be shipped to the UK without hassle. The internet is now really convenient. :)

  8. If I stop using this product will my boobs go back to there original size????

    • i think you must continue to use the product, just like exercising and vitamins. :)

      • I doubt that answers her question. Would they shrink back to there original size ? And also does it only grow to a C cup? If I kept useing the product, as I would with vitamins, wouldnt my breast inlarge to an uncomfortable size?

        • Hi Ash

          What I meant was that like any habits, you have to use it consistently. If you don’t exercise, your muscles will atrophy. If you don’t apply the cream/ ingest the pills to ensure that the estrogen gets to your breasts, massage your breasts regularly and have a body that can digest the nutrients… I’m afraid there’s a limit.

          And, everyone do have a biological limit. You can’t grow to a size J. What the pill does is to help you reach your potential, whatever that may be.

  9. Hi… I want to know if this cream is contraindicated with women who have benign breast solid mass..about 2inch big.

  10. Any outlet in Malaysia selling this product.

  11. Will my breasts shrink if I stop using naturaful? Or will they stay the same for a long time?

    • Hi Andrea

      As like any other supplements (natural or not), if you don’t use it the effect will drop of course. However, once you got to your bigger breasts… you can take at a lower frequency and dosage to maintain the growth, instead of trying to grow it.

      • Are you someone from naturaful? Where are you getting your facts from . I have used supplements for weight loss and I stopped taking them and I did not gain weight after I stopped and my boyfriend took muscle supplements and got abs and stopped taking it and didn’t lose his abs and we do not work out or do anything to keep the weight off or muscle on. So what facts prove I will lose breast size if I stop taking naturaful?

        • Andrea

          I think you misread what i said or maybe i was unclear. What i meant by “effects will drop”, i meant the estrogen boosting effects.

          The key here is estrogen (hormones) that’s causing your breast to grow… the supplement only supports that process. That means that there are other things which can affect the estrogen including your diet, your body and even exercise. Sometimes, your lifestyle might be taking away the gains coming from natural breast enhancement herbs and that’s why you need to maintain.

          The same thing for burning fats/weight loss. It’s not the supplements that’s causing fat burning. The supplement supports the process through fat releasing, increasing body heat, blocking carbs/fats or what. Your body and lifestyle still is the one which is doing the job. Im not sure what your bf did but im sure he is still going to the gym and not forgetting that both of you have a basic metabolism rate.

          As with any supplements, you take to achieve a certain goal (get to 10% bodyfat) and after that you can maintain it either through proper lifestyle OR that you periodically still take supplements to maintain it, albeit longer cycles. (Think every 3-4 months)


  12. I know if I do not take it anymore it will not make my breasts keep growing or anything of course; however that does not mean they will shrink because I am not taking it?

  13. You misunderstood what I asked. I know if I stop taking naturaful my boobs will not keep growing. I asked if they will shrink if I stop taking it.

  14. I understand what you mean. Thank you

  15. how mcuh is the cream?